Three Dragon Restaurant

At 7pm on June 22, 2006, SUTTONBERESCULLER entered a 32ft x 32ft x 12ft box in the Installation Space of Lawrimore Project. For three weeks the artists worked in the box hermetically sealed from any human interaction beyond their own. Spectators were able to hear the artists building their ‘exhibition’, but did not see what it was they were working on.

At 7pm on July 15, the walls came down, revealing THREE DRAGON RESTAURANT – a full-scale chinese eatery like the ones found in Lawrimore Project’s new neighborhood, the International District of Seattle. Taking ‘site-specific’ art to a new plateau, SuttonBeresCuller have managed, in one perfectly calculated and expertly executed gesture, not only to place the gallery in proper context, but also to place their inquiries, interventions and installations to date into razor-sharp focus.