Photos 2006

In the latest work by SuttonBeresCuller, a fire marshal is shown approaching a frightened feline while an elderly woman conducts the scene from below. Judging from the creature’s formal attire, it is difficult to know whether a bowl of warm milk or a triple espresso would be more appropriate bait.

Also on view, is an image from “Sasquatch,” another project featuring half animal/monster– half human characters. In looking at both of these projects, the film Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox comes to mind. Perhaps you only remember the monster dunks or the car surfing scene from Teen Wolf, but let us not forget the moral of the story: it’s what is on the inside that counts. When M.J. Fox goes wolf-less in the championship game he loses his super cool status, but regains the respect of his dorky friends.

Both the Cat-Person and Sasquatch seem to struggle with similar identity issues. Each has risen to popularity and attempted to integrate into society, yet, these images show them reverting back to their instinctual behaviors. The cat-person has escaped to a limb, and the Sasquatch–whose tie and vest hardly convey professionalism– lashes out on innocent campers.

Torn Between Two Worlds by Boyd Richard