Festival Ulicnih Sviraca


Novi Sad Street Musician’s Festival

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We are honored to be invited by Kulturanova to participate in Festival Ulicnih Sviraca.  We will be debuting our mobile performative sculpture: Department of Bearing and Orientation at the Festival.

We designed a commercial-like sign for a backpack as part of an ongoing series of mobile projects and temporary events.  The backpacks are a mobile version of an earlier site-specific installation we created for the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City.  The site-specific installation that the piece is based on speaks to the sustainability of growth as it pertains to aspects of our social, economic and natural environments. For the mobile incarnation of the piece, we have imagined a fictional bureaucracy: The Department of Bearing and Orientation.  As representatives of this fictional bureaucracy, we plan to walk the festival acting as living sculpture.

This will be a roving performance.  We plan to walk through the festival crowds dressed in white coveralls with no planned stops.

This work has been made possible through a grant from CEC ArtsLink and by the Tacoma Art Museum.