Big Top Grand Stand

October 4, 2014,  6:53 pm to sunrise

A free all-night contemporary art event

Experience Toronto transformed by contemporary art projects created by hundreds of artists.

Nuit Blanche Toronto

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The vast bright and colourful structures of a festival or circus are surrounded by dazzling sounds, sights and smells. Ubiquitous concession stands and mobile exhibits make up much of the landscape. Vying for attention amongst the crowds, these transitory structures rely on brilliant lighting, color and height to stand out.

In response to transitory environments common to fairs, festivals and circuses, SuttonBeresCuller have created a large migratory outdoor sculpture. This monument comments upon the aesthetics of its environment. Atop a 16′ flatbed trailer, four unique structures neatly nested within each other telescope skyward, extending into a baroque sculpture. Adorned with flashing lights, vibrant flags and reflective surfaces, this flamboyant homage has turned the concession stand into pure sculptural form.

The events and exhibitions at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche celebrate the passions and talents of the community, arts, culture, indulgence, tradition and innovation. Let this piece be a shrine to those collective moments.


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